As you are probably aware, the developers appealed against CBC’s decision to refuse planning on the land at Bower Lane.

First of all, we wanted to share the great news that the appeal has been dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate!

At the same time; we also wanted to say a massive thank-you to everyone that supported this campaign over the last two years!

From the incredible number of objections written to CBC by local residents and the support for the open letter, the amazing turn-out we had at the hearing and the help we received from both the Campaign for Rural England (CPRE) and Eaton Bray Parish Council; they all played their part in this final decision.

If you want to read the full judgement, you can download it from the link below, but to summarise the key points of the decision focused on the loss of openness and visual impact, the function of the land as a local gap in order to stop Eaton Bray and Edlesborough merging, the change to the character of the site and the environmental impact this development would have on our countryside.


Thanks again,


Last Updated 15APR2020.


Background: In 2018 a planning application was made 120 houses (18/03308) on Bower Lane.  The proposed development is on Green Belt land. Approximately 70% of the buildings would be 3 or 4 bedroom houses. Based on the planning statement, the only provision for starter homes would be eight, two-bedroom apartments. The development would lead to more than a 20% increase to the village population, adding an additional 250 to 343 cars and an estimated 170 children. The planned housing estate is significantly larger than any previous development in Eaton Bray. 570 objections were raised during this initial consultation and CBC refused the application on a number of grounds. 

For more details on the Bower Lane Development, click here.


EATON PARK (Consultation period has now closed)

An application has been made to build 58 houses on land adjoining Eaton Park and School Lane. We are currently waiting to hear from CBC on the status of this proposal.

For more details on the Eaton Park Development, click here.

Why are we trying to protect Eaton Bray?

Developers have targeted a number of areas in Eaton Bray for new housing estates. If they go ahead the will irreparably destroy our countryside. Place an additional burden on our already overstretched services. Increase traffic congestion, contribute the merging of Eaton Bray and Eddlesborough into a single town and open the door for yet more development.

Protecting our countryside

Destruction of the Green Belt is an incremental process. Although the hedges surrounding these sites are often allowed to grow and obscure the view, these areas are still considered by people in the village to be part of the countryside. Often owners will decide to neglect the land in order to make a better case for development, but that not make it any less a part of our countryside or the green belt.

Very special circumstances

Building on green belt land can only be conducted if it can be shown that the area offers Very Special Circumstances for the development. These special circumstance would need to be specific to the unique geographic location, capacity of our services and infrastructure offered by Eaton Bray. Our argument is that this capacity and these circumstances simply do not exist.

If these application are approved it sets a precedent for future planning applications in Eaton Bray. 


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