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As we expected, the developers have appealed against the decision by CBC to refuse planning on the land between Bower Lane and Edlesborough.  If you submitted an objection you should have recently received a letter explaining that will be decided following a hearing.

To hopefully address some of the confusion. This is not a repeat of the consultation; the developer is appealing against CBCs decision to the Planning Inspectorate. In this case, I’m sure that many people support CBC and believe they made the right decision when they rejected this application.

We’re currently examining the case put forward by the developers and our plan is to draft an open response that addresses the arguments made, in a way that reflects the views of our local community. Our aim is to publish this response next week.

If you find you agree and can support this letter we hope it will give it weight in terms of the appeal. However, this doesn’t prohibit you from sending your own comments to the inspectorate if you feel there additional points you would like to make.

We’ll post more here as we make progress.

Thanks for everyone’s ongoing support




Last Updated 14NOV2019.


Why CBC Refused the Application

Appeal Documents

The statement of case outlines the reasons the developers believe there is a case for appeal. The statement of common ground covers the points which they believe that CBC agrees and those elements with which they disagree. This is still a draft form. The developers have provided an additional Agricultural Land Classification Report following the refusal of the application. Apparently the soil is “sticky.” 

The Eaton Bray Neighbourhood Plan (03OCT2019)

The Appeal Notification Letter and Process