There are currently two Green Belt development applications around our village.


Developers are appealing against CBC’s decision to refuse planning permission. 

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The planning application has been made 120 houses (18/03308) on Bower Lane.  The proposed development is on Green Belt land. Approximately 70% of the buildings would be 3 or 4 bedroom houses. Based on the planning statement, the only provision for starter homes would be eight, two-bedroom apartments. The development would lead to more than a 20% increase to the village population, adding an additional 250 to 343 cars and an estimated 170 children. The planned housing estate is significantly larger than any previous development in Eaton Bray.

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EATON PARK (Deadline 28th December 2018)

An application has been made to build 58 houses on land adjoining Eaton Park and School Lane.

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