The deadline for objections has been extended to 10th January 2019.

Our view is that this development will:

  • Open the door for future development
  • Place additional burden on our already overstretched services
  • Increase traffic congestion
  • Destroy our countryside and wildlife habitats
  • Increase the likelihood of flooding in the village

Note that every member of your household – regardless of age – is entitled to make an objection. Just ensure that first and surname are included.


The image shows the site where a planning application has been made for 58 houses (CB/18/04348) on land behind Eaton Park. The proposed 2.68 hectare development is on Green Belt land. It would add approximately 85 to 120 cars to village traffic, all exiting directly onto the High Street at a point which is already severely over congested.

Protecting of our countryside

Destruction of the Green Belt is an incremental process. Although the site is set back from the High Street, this area is considered by people in the village to be part of the countryside. The site is actively used for agricultural purposes, mainly the grazing of sheep and lambs and hay production. Although the owners may decide to neglect the land, hedges, trees etc. in order to make a better case for development, it does not make it any less a part of our countryside or the Green Belt.

Green Belt: Very special circumstances

Building on Green Belt land can only be conducted if it can be shown that the area offers Very Special Circumstances for the development. These special circumstances would need to be specific to the unique geographic location, capacity of services and infrastructure offered by Eaton Bray and clearly demonstrate that the benefit outweighs the harm done through losing the Green Belt. Our argument is that this capacity and these circumstances simply do not exist.

The National Planning Policy Framework requires that Green Belt Land cannot be built on until all other reasonable options to satisfy the housing need have been examined. We believe there are options for satisfying the housing need for Luton other than building on the Green Belt around Eaton Bray.

If this application is approved it will set a precedent for future planning applications in Eaton Bray. 

The arguments made by the developers

The planning statement submitted by Pegasus Group on behalf of Willis Dawson Ltd to Central Bedfordshire Council outlines their reasons why they believe their development is needed and how it will help Eaton Bray. If you would like to read the full Planning Statement you can download it HERE (Part 1 and 2) and HERE (Part 3).

The developers believe: 

  • The development is not encroachment into the countryside
  • Our services and infrastructure have the capacity for this increased population
  • New residents do not need to rely on motor vehicles for work or services
  • Residents would have access to high quality public transport
  • The increase in motor vehicle movements would not be significant

There are many reasons to object to this proposal. You can read some of the common points made HERE.

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